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3 room apartment

This complete 3-room apartment on the 2nd floor consists of a living room with a beautiful view of the beach and the sea, two bedrooms, a modern kitchen and a restroom.


The master bedroom with box spring is located on the backside and has a balcony over the entire width of the room.
The bedroom on the front side has a bunk bed and built-in balcony.
The bedroom with a box spring is located at the backside and has French doors (French balcony).
Modern kitchen with built-in balcony is equipped with a microwave, Nespresso coffee maker, electric kettle, etc.
The apartment has a separate bathroom and restroom.

Both apartments are centrally located at the promenade (Boulevard)in Katwijk and are walking distance from the beach and shopping center.

Advantages of staying in Katwijk:

  • Beautiful beaches with many beach pavilions where you can eat or drink a cup of coffee.
    The location to enjoy the peace of nature or active sports and activities (for instance, beach windsurfing, flying a kite, kitesurfing, tennis, golf, horseback riding, etc.)
  • Beautiful walks through the dunes and on the beach.
  • Modern shopping center with several activities like weekly tourist market during the months of July and August.
  • A lot of biking routes through the dunes and the bulb-growing area.
  • Great swimming pool.
  • Harbor.
  • Close to Leiden, The Hague, and Amsterdam.
  • Space Expo Center in Noordwijk.
  • Omniversum the Hague.
  • Madurodam the Hague.

Duinrell Wassenaar